Lisa Salters

Lisa Salters is a journalist reporting with ESPN where she covers all kinds of sport from Olympics, world cup and at the moment she replaced Suzy Kolber. Her real name is Alisia “Lisia” Salter....Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jul 21 2015

William Devane

William Devane is an American theater, television and film actor born in 1937. He is well known because of many roles he played as presidents or renowned politicians. He is married to Eugenie and he is in restaurant business....Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 24 2015

Jim Hoffer

Jim Hoffer is a member of Eyewitness News Investigative Team for Channel 7. Besides being famous on his own, he is also the husband to Mika Brzezinki of the MSNBC. They have two daughters. Jim Hoffer got many Emmy awards because of his investigative ...Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 24 2015

Crystal Bernard

Crystal Bernard is a singer, a television and film actress. She is also a songwriter and a singer. Her remarkable role was when she played in Wings. She is not married but some say that she has a secret husband....Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 24 2015

Kim Porter

Kim Porter is an African-American print model. In her early years, she maintained this print model personality more than that of an actress. But she eventually took acting to a higher notch thereafter. Her major appearance that gave her wide TV recog...Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jul 8 2015

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