Brad Daugherty

Bradley lee Daugherty was born on 19th October 1965. He is an ESPN NBA analyst and is also a former NASCAR analyst, a co-owner of Sprint Cup Series team JTG Daugherty racing and he is also an American basketball player who is now retired....Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 27 2015

Billy Campbell

Bill Campbell was born in Virginia under full name William Oliver Campbell. His parents divorced when he was young. He is an actor who starred in many movies and the well known are Dynasty and Family Ties. He dated Virginia Madsen and Jennifer Conne...Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 27 2015

Bill Weir

Bill Weir’s full name is William Francis Weir. He is a television journalist and an anchor for the CNN. He co-hosted Nightline Show and Good Morning America. He presents his news in humorous way. He is married to Jacki and they have a daughter....Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 27 2015

Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt is an actor in America and he starred in the role of detective Rey Curtis in Law and Order. He was born to a Native American mother. He starred in many movies that have been successful. He dated Monika and Julia Roberts and he is marr...Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 27 2015

Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz is actor, comedian and also a writer in America. He played in Parks and Recreation sitcom as Jean Ralphio Saperstein. He was Clyde Oberholt in House of Lies. He was born in Bronx, New York City and her mother was a teacher of music....Read more

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 27 2015

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