Crystal Bernard

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 24 2015

Crystal Bernard was born in 1961 and she is an American singer and songwriter. She is also a film and television actress. She has played for seven years in the comedy called Wings. Even if her main work is more in the television, she also appeared in the films, tried to pursue a career in music where she was a performer and a songwriter.

Crystal Bernard grew up in Southern Baptist home but was born in Texas. She was born to Dr Jerry Wayne Bernard, a Baptist televangelist and traveled around US singing and preaching. She started to entertain when she was still small when she was singing the gospel songs together wither Sister Robyn. There is a recording of the two sisters that had survived for a long time known as The Monkey Song. It was recorded by Feudin’ Fussin and Frettin when Crystal was only 8 years old. Crystal Bernard has two other sisters: Angelique and Scarlett. She did her studies in acting with Alley Theater when she was growing up in the Texas. She went to Spring High school and she continued the education from Baylor University. She was doing international relations and acting. Crystal Bernard is well known because the role she had in the comedy show on the TV known as Wings. She also contributed to other movies but they were not as successful as the TV shows.

She started to act for the TV when she was doing Happy Days in the Tenth season for the role of the K.C Cunningham. She was a guest artist for different shows and the major breakthrough was to get the work in the Wings and acted for all series. In addition of the TV shows, she acted in other major theatre productions. She is tall with 5.4 feet with an hour glass shape that makes her to look the glamorous. She has accurate body measurement which is 34-25-34 and this makes her too look perfect when she is on the screen and off the screen. Even if she is only 53, she still has good looks. She looks perfect when she plays bikini scenes in the movie.

Crystal Bernard was in the relationship for a long period with Tony Thomas but they did not get married. She did a plastic surgery on the face and it resulted in different lips and nose. She became clear and fairer after finishing surgery and this is noticeable. Even if she is said to be yet married, there are people who say she has a secret husband that she does not like to reveal.  Even if she tried, she did not succeed as a singer. She has two albums and she performs with different artists. She is believed to have more than 5 million dollars as a net worth and she is living happy for her entire private life. She has worked in different career and she re-live her old age when she post the old pictures on the Instagram. She is also found on Facebook and twitter. Information about her is accessed online.

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