Elisabeth Hasselbeck

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 20 2015

Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an American television personality and known for the talk shows. Her first appearance on the television was in 2001 where she participated in a reality show named “ survivor”.  The reality shows proved to the major breakthrough for her and she was provided with an opportunity to host different talk shows later on.

She is the elder child of  an architect by profession. She was born on 28th May 1977 and graduated from Boston College in 1999.

In 2002, she married a former NFL quarterback and a professional football player. She has three children:Grace Elisabeth (born in 2005), Taylor Thomas (born in 2007) and Isaiah (born in 2009).

With the fashion industry background, she started her carrier as a shoe designer. She was lucky enough to find her name on the final list of the  “survivor” participants.  She ended fourth in the contest, but she successfully got the attention of the television producers.In the year 2002, She was hired to host the show “Look for Less”. The show basically revolves around the budget conscious fashion.  The fashion show got immense popularity and she was offered with a daytime talk show“ the View”. The show was co-hosted by her, but later on Rosie O’Donnell joined the show.

She also participated in a campaign for Sarah Palen competing for republican vice president. She also featured in a fitness magazine.  She was quite confident about the way she was portrayed onto the title page of the fitness magazine.

She is known for her conservative political views and is said to to outspoken about the affiliation that she had with the republican party. After successfully running the show “ the view “. In the 2013, she publicly announced that she will not be hosting the show anymore.

It is interesting to note that she once suffered from  a celiac disease. As  a result of that disease, Elisabeth also wrote  books on a gluten free diet. The name of the books are Deliciously G-Free and The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide.The idea behind writing the book is to let people know that how it is possible to prepare a healthy and delicious diet without gluten. She books got popular among the readers. When she was diagnosed with the celiac disease, she had to cut out gluten from her diet.

She  worked with different charities as well,  as an active member of different clubs.she attended different show for the awareness of the breast cancer.

In the year 2013, Elisabeth nearly after having 10 years with “ the view” finally left the show. She has extraordinary time working with the co-host of the show  In July 2013, Elisabeth started a new show named “ fox and friends”.

Elisabeth calls herself neither in liberal nor conservative. However, her parents were liberal, but soon after October 2008, Elisabeth actively participated in Republican rallies clearly indicating her point of view.  In august 2013 Elisabeth was listed among the 25 most influential women in the GOP.

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