Lisa Salters

By: Joshua Hall | Jul 21 2015

Lisa Salters is a journalist reporting with ESPN where she covers all kinds of sport from Olympics, world cup and at the moment she replaced Suzy Kolber. Her real name is Alisia “Lisia” Salter.

She was born in 6th March 1996 meaning she has an age of 49 years. She was born in Pennsylvania, USA. She went to high school in Merion Area thereafter, bachelor of journalism at Pennsylvania State University. She played basketball when she was in university between 1986 and 1987.

She started work as just a minor side-line reporter, but has since risen to a level we can understand each other. She started her journalism in the 2002 FIFA World cup in South Korea and Japan. In 2004 she was at the Olympics again following each and every event that occurred, followed by the FIFA world cup in 2006 which was hosted in Germany. All these years have a gap of two years, but it does not mean that she was idle in between. There was a lot of sport related stories for example stories on Qatar. She has lately joined Monday night footballer as the lead reporter at the side-line. Before ESPN she was not necessarily concentrating on sport and one of the example she did was the case of murder O.J.Simpson for ABC. In 198 running to 1995, she was reporting for WBAL-TV

She has never received an award but does really have fans and is always recognized by her fans and the co-workers. She has always produced quality work and she is not a public figure. Her relationship with Rick Larson is not so much talked of in the media. She is not married yet, but she has gone a step further to adopt a child. When Samuel which is the name of the child was born, she was present.

The lady is reported to be worth more than $ 2.5 million dollars and this shows her 20 years of experience in journalism. The credits she received are notable. The 60 ESPN’s magazine, which was released in 2007 was the work of Lisa. NBA getting to ABC in 2006 was thanks to Lisa. She came up with the outside Lines series, which won awards. She herself was nominated for the Emmy awards. Recently she declined to use the nicknames of Washington, D.C.’s NFL team on air because of the controversy in the name “red skins”.

Other journalists describe her as fearless and someone who does a commendable work. Without journalists, we would have no information and she believes that the responsibility of journalists is to report, concertizes and distillation of the news before we receive the information as the listeners. While she is happy because of technology she feels that they have lost touch with that old fashioned way of doing things. She is available on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram. Follow her as a fan if you want to know more about her, and her story. She has worked her way from the initial minor side-line to the position she has now, where she is the lead side-line reporter.

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