William Devane

By: Joshua Hall | Jun 24 2015

William Joseph Devane was born in the year 1937. He is American film, theater and television actor. He is well known because of the role he played called Greg Sumner in the Knots Landing, a primetime soap opera. Devane was born in Illinois and he is the son of Joseph Devane, he was the Chauffeur of Franklin D Roosevelt when Franklin was the Governor for New York City. The father’s ancestors came from Irish and his mother was of German and Dutch ancestry. He graduated in American Academy of Dramatic Arts of New York.

In the year 1966, William Devane played as Robert F. Kennedy in the movie called Off-Broadway Spoof MacBird. He became popular for the role he played as President John F. Kennedy when he played in the TV movie called Cuban Missile Crisis, The Missile of October. He also played, John Henry Faulk who was a blacklisted radio presenter in the movie that got an Emmy Award known as Fear on Trial. He played as a villain, Greg Sumner in Knots Landing.

William Devane played Al Capone, in the Lois and Clark: The New adventure of Superman for an episode known as That Old Gang of Mine. He had the role that was recurring in a CBS show called Early Edition where he played as the father of the main character.  

William Joseph Devane appeared in the film called McCabe and Mrs Miller where he played with Julie Christie.  He is well known to play as the member of presidential cabinet on to dramas. In The West Wing, he was the guest star where he played Secretary of State and a possible nominee to be a Vice president. In the season four, he joined another cast of 24 when he played like a secretary of Defense, James Heller. He was a special guest star in the role of Heller in season 5 and 6. He played in The West Wing where he was playing together with Martin Sheen. They had already played together like President John F. Kennedy and Robert F Kennedy, his brother, in The Missiles of October which was produced 30 years before.

William Joseph Devane starred in StarGate SG-1 for its 3 episodes where he was President Henry Hayes and he was also in the direct to DVD film called Stargate: Continuum. He was also the star for the Sitcom Crumbs where he was the father of the Real Estate Broker called Brian. The movie was called What About Brian. He was given the role of President Kennedy because of the ability he had to master the Boston accident that President used. He is still in demand to play as presidents or as politicians. His wife is Eugenie and they were married since 1961 and they had 2 children together. He is the owner of a restaurant called Devane’s and it cooks New York and Italian cuisine. The restaurant opened at Indio but it was expanded in the Rancho Mirage. He played in two movies that started in the same week, the Space Cowboys and Hollow Man. He played with both the Donald Sutherland and his son.

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